The Nameless launched

Photo by B. Larin

The Nameless was launched on 20 February 2013, by the Project Nameless Collective, the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) of the University of the Philippines (Diliman),  UP PADAYON, and UP SAMASA, at the CSSP. The widows of murdered heroes Rolando Olalia and Leonor Alay-ay attended the launch, along with many Martial Law-era activists and young student activists. Ruben Felipe, Project Nameless representative informed the gathering of the objectives of the project and the web site. Messages of solidarity from Alan Jazmines and PAHRA were read out, and a video clip of the poem that inspired the name of the web site -- Jose Lacaba's Ang Mga Walang Pangalan -- was premiered. After the launch, a Forum discussed the relevance of activism at present. Speakers included veteran activists Raffy Aquino, Lisa Dacanay, and Bong Bongolan. Marina Durano hosted the proceedings. More information the launch is at Interaksyon.

The website lists more than 70 heroes, including murdered student leader Lean Alejandro, film director Lino Brocka, deceased veteran newsman Jose Mari Velez, former PCGG chair Haydee Yorac, among others. The Nameless, launched a week before the 27th anniversary of the People Power revolution, relies on the friends and relatives of the unsung heroes for content and aims to be community-based and community-driven by encouraging discussions on the continuing struggle for freedom and democracy. The website hopes to provide a ‘voice’ to those who remember the heroes who fought and are continuing to fight for freedom and democracy and who themselves are also nameless. It also aims to celebrate heroes of all political persuasions from different periods of our nation’s history but is an initiative of activists from the Martial Law period who wish to remember and honour their friends and comrades, and other heroes and martyrs.