Tbak Pilipinas Message of Solidarity with Project Nameless

… We are nameless and all names are ours.
- Emman Lacaba, martyr of the revolution

We choose not to forget. We do not just remember.

To not forget is to keep the presence pulsating within us, the spirit is alive and is One with Us. To not forget is a conscious decision not to allow a millisecond separate us from them. Because they are neither just statistics of the fallen nor the memory of a now distant past.

They were fathers and mothers,  brothers and  sisters, husbands and wives, comrades and friends. They are now the martyrs offered in the proverbial altar of democracy , but they were once flesh and blood we laughed and marched with.  And we choose not to forget them.

They are nameless? Perhaps, but only to a society where forgetting is a balm that soothes its wounded soul. But we knew them, not with one but with several different names. They were, perhaps everything else, our kasama.

And so we commit to building a society where the lives they lived will be celebrated and their names ingrained in our collective memory. That society starts now with this project. The list will grow long, the memory richer. The names will start to live again.

Tibak, a community of activists, salutes with clenched fists the organizers and initiators of this endeavor.  This becomes part of our continuing effort to claim our history so that we and our children will not forget.

Because we choose not to forget.

Joel Saracho
Tibak, 19 Feb 2013