PAHRA Solidarity Statement

The Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates is enthused and grateful for the initiative of the people in launching the website for the Nameless – an all inclusive project of honoring the women and men, those with their own sexual orientation and gender identity, the young and the elderly, the normally abled and those with disabilities, the survivors and those who have died- contributors all to the diverse struggles against  tyranny and oppression to ensure that fundamental freedoms and human rights serve as the foundation for governance, development and peace.

The Nameless is the sea from where waves and their crests are made. The Nameless are shoulders on whom the Named stood and / or stands as celebrities.  The Nameless is the daily courage of many that converge and surge to win a revolution.

PAHRA wishes well the Website for the Nameless as a venue for those to name the Nameless - those beyond headlines and news and those subsumed in summaries and statistics of reports – and their sacrifices to obtain dignity for all as persons and as a people.

The Website could well be also a step in combating impunity by asserting the right to truth – in breaking through the abused invocation of “national security” to shield government agents from accountability of human rights violations and from command responsibility.

PAHRA shall hold the Website for the Nameless to become a source of inspiration for new generations of the Nameless to progressively realize greater freedoms and rights worthy as persons, as a people and as a nation.