Alan Jazmines congratulates The Nameless

Alan Jazmines, veteran activist, sent a message to Project Nameless on the occasion of the launch of The Nameless on 20 February 2013. Jazmines congratulated the project, and "comrades, fellow advocates, sympathizers, loved ones, friends and many nameless others picking up the fallen, naming the unnamed. Sharing the causes and reliving the deeds of our heroes and martyrs. Growing their legacies in ways such as this project and many other ways, versatile, dynamic, expansive and overcoming the limited processes and numbers." Jazmines also said, "While the heart of the site is about heroes and martyrs, we look forward to rich and rewarding positive discussions on the struggles our heroes and martyrs fought for and the legacies they left behind. For the others to carry on.

"Ganito Tayo Noon ..." Reunion, 7 January 2013

Activists, comrades, friends, and family gathered for the Fourth "Ganito Tayo Noon ... 1980-1986" Reunion at ALPADI Compound, Antipolo, on 7 January 2013. The gathering featured an adaptation of the Facebook Timeline to represent events and stories brought to the reunion. Entertainment was provided by Jose Leonidas, Sinaglahi, Jes Bartolome, and others. A tribute to comrades and friends who have passed away was presented. The next reunion is set for 4 January 2014.

Dekada '80 Boks Reunion at 70s Bistro

Friends and comrades, activists from the 1980s (and other decades), reunited at Bistro 70s on 14 December 2012, to renew friendships, remember times spent together, discuss current events, and talk about future possibilities for the Philippines. There was good music from Sazi Cosino, Mel Soto, Arnel Torres, Joel Alcover, Jes Bartolome, Nitoy Adriano, Ernie de la Cruz, Bong Ramilo, Luna, and Repubika De Lata. Elmer Mercado, with Susan Warren-Mercado, made a rare and much-appreciated appearance. The event was a success, thanks to organizers led by Mel "Reunion Queen" Soto and Sazi Cosino, and others. Suggestions for the 2013 reunion include holding it on November 30th, birthdate of Andres Bonifacio and anniversary of the founding of Kabataang Makabayan.

ML@40 Concert: Remembering the Struggle and its Songs

The ML@40 concert remembered Martial Law, forty years after its declaration, on 21 September 2012, at the AS Lobby, CSSP, UP Diliman. The concert remembers the Martial Law period through the enduring power of songs that the people keep in their hearts and minds. It reminded us to guard against and fight the forces that brought about Martial Law 40 years ago, and that we must continue to sing as we fight.