Ganito Tayo Noon ... Reunion, 4 January 2014

The sixth Ganito Tayo Noon ... Reunion at ALPADI Estate in Antipolo was held on 4 January 2014. While the reunion was a happy occasion for the many activists who attended, it was also sad to remember the friends and comrades -- at least 15 -- who passed away in 2013. Tributes were delivered for those who left us in 2013, taking a longer time than past reunions, because there seemed to be a higher number of comrades who passed away last year. Project Nameless was well-represented at the reunion, with its banner (from the first photo exhibit at UP in December) displayed on the grounds, and with Ruben Felipe outlining to the gathering the purpose and activities of Project Nameless. Ruben suggested, tongu-in-cheek, that comrades should begin preparing their profiles and tributes for the Project Nameless web site now; Joel Saracho then offered his services -- producing multimedia profiles -- for a bargain fee. Again, even when encountering sad events such as the passing of comrades, Ganito Tayo Noon ... was primarily a happy gathering, complete with the ever-popular popular sectoral and themed group photos.