ENRIQUEZ, Josemari

Josemari Enriquez, also known as Paulo and Kristo, was a student activist and community organiser, first at the University of the Philippines in the 1980s, then in the communities of Metro Manila after that, until his disappearance in 1988.

Born in 1961, Joey attended Don Bosco-Mandaluyong in high school and went to the University of the Philippines to study engineering. He was a great kuya (older brother), his sisters say, who showed affection in a gruff but endearing way.   At UP, Joey was drawn into activism and into the underground movement. He became a full-time cadre and held an important position. Putting his university education on hold, he married a fellow activist, had a child and continued his underground work. His comrades remember him as a bright and good leader. They gave him the nom de guerre Pao and Kristo because of his resemblance to the image of the Christ.   Then Joey became one of the countless victims of 'Operation Olympia,' one of the purges that saw comrade suspecting fellow comrade, and eventually killing them on orders of the underground Left's hierarchy. His daughter, Bonini, made a film about him called "Wer Na U?".