ARAULLO, Eduardo

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MANILA, Philippines – Former Marcos detainee and human-rights lawyer Atty. Eduardo "Ed" G. Araullo, whose last stint was as corporate secretary of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), died of a heart attack [19 January 2013], his family said.

Araullo, who would have been 67 next month, was rushed to the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa after he suffered a massive heart attack at about 8:30 am, but was dead on arrival, according to his brother Jose Araullo, accountant and banker.

Araullo became chairman of the Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood, Integrity, Nationalism and Independence (MABINI) for nearly two years---from 1984 when then-chairman Augusto “Bobbit” Sanchez ran for the Batasan elections, until just before EDSA, when Araullo was succeeded by Fulgencio “Jun” Factoran.

According to Joe Araullo, his brother---the seventh in a brood of 9---had taken his wife Louise and three children to the airport at about 3am and then went home to rest for about three hours. He went to the clubhouse of Posadas Subdivision where he lived and even did Tai-chi. A friend called him at about 7:30 and invited him for a walk, but he declined because he was not done with his Tai-chi.  The heart attack, his first, came shortly past 8.

He will lie in state at the Santuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park, Makati City.

As a brother, Joe remembered Ed as “someone who was very attentive to all of us and very helpful” even though he was among the youngest siblings.

“He was like that with everyone---always helpful, always offering assistance even when not asked. He had a good heart,” and the human rights lawyering was an endeavor that seemed to come “naturally” to Ed, his brother added.

Ed was an activist at the University of the Philippines---where he earned his law degree---when martial law was declared and he went underground. He was arrested sometime in 1973 and was detained for over a year along with Voltaire Garcia, according to Joe.

He was known to be close to Vice President Jejomar Binay, who was a few years ahead of him in law school. According to fellow MABINI lawyer Ricardo Fernandez, Araullo had joined Binay and other human-rights lawyers from MABINI and FLAG, like Joker Arroyo, Bobby Tanada and Rene Saguisag in several important cases, notably the WE Forum raid, which the Supreme Court struck down as illegal and which became a landmark in press freedom jurisprudence.