The Project Nameless Collective

The Project Nameless Collective looks after The Nameless web site. The Collective is composed of volunteers, who contribute content to the web site and perform other tasks to keep the site running. The Collective also works on other projects, such as mobile exhibits about the heroes and martyrs honored on this web site; it also collaborates with individuals, groups and organisations to maintain and grow the site, and other related projects. Collective members are comrades, relatives and friends of the heroes honored on this virtual shrine.

Project Nameless Collective members include:

Maria Teresa Battad
Faith I. Bacon
Mario L. Cuezon
Marina Durano
Ma. Katherine De Jesus-Clarin
Ruben S. Felipe
Ferdinand C. Llanes
Rebecca Desiree E. Lozada
Benita Matilac
Teody Manipon
Eileen Matute
Caridad Panaligan-Manglinong
Christian Ramilo
Luisito Rogado
Veronica Uy

For more information on the Collective, write to