This web site will remember and celebrate the heroes -- particularly The Nameless -- of the struggle for national freedom and democracy in the Philippines. The site will complement other sites with a similar aim; it can, for example, gather and provide documentation that can assist with Bantayog ng mga Bayani's pending nominations.

It will be a community-based, community-driven, intercreative, and interactive site: that is, it will rely on the comrades, friends, and relatives of The Nameless to provide content continuously, and to have discussions about our heroes and martyrs (thus, we can have threaded comments, such as we do in Facebook and other social networking sites). In a sense, it is a social network built to serve the needs of communities who seek to name the Nameless.

It also gives voice to those who honor the nameless, many of whom are also nameless, and oftentimes voiceless. By contributing to this site, we honor not only the heroes, the nameless, who are no longer with us, but also the myriad nameless who remember them, and who continue and grow their legacy.

The site will remember and celebrate heroes of all political persuasions, and possibly of different historical periods. This project is an initiative of activists of the Martial Law period who wish to themselves remember and honour their friends and comrades, and other heroes and martyrs.

This project was the brainchild of Luisito Rogado, an activist of the Martial Law period. Work on the project started in November 2011.

Site Sections

This web site has different sections that present different perspectives:

Articles: presents news, features, and analyses about The Nameless.

Calendar: events and other dates to remember.

Heroes: the heart of this site, biographical and other information on The Nameless.

Stories: narratives, anecdotes, about the Nameless.

The pieces in most sections can be linked with each other; the See Also portion lists links to related content on the site.


Relatives, friends, comrades, and others interested in The Nameless are invited to contribute content to this site. To be a contributor, please email info@nameless.org.ph to register; tell us your full name, your email address, a bit about yourself, and why you want to be a contributor. We will establish an account for contributors that will allow them to directly publish on this site. We hope to have many, many contributors because we wish to have a system where content about heroes and martyrs is directly managed by their families, friends, and comrades.

The Project Nameless Collective

The Project Nameless Collective looks after The Nameless web site.