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ML@40 Concert: Remembering the Struggle and its Songs

The ML@40 concert remembered Martial Law, forty years after its declaration, on 21 September 2012, at the AS Lobby, CSSP, UP Diliman. The concert remembers the Martial Law period through the enduring power of songs that the people keep in their hearts and minds. It reminded us to guard against and fight the forces that brought about Martial Law 40 years ago, and that we must continue to sing as we fight.


From http://www.bantayog.org/node/35

From Bantayog ng mga Bayani (http://www.bantayog.org/node/35)

Leandro Alejandro was a well-known student leader during martial law.

Leandro, or Lean, participated in campus protests against martial law, joining open as well as clandestine groups in the University of the Philippines (UP). Soon he was a leader in these campus organizations, and by the early 1980s, was a key fi gure in the national anti-dictatorship movement.


ENRIQUEZ, Josemari

Josemari Enriquez, also known as Paulo and Kristo, was a student activist and community organiser, first at the University of the Philippines in the 1980s, then in the communities of Metro Manila after that, until his disappearance in 1988.