LANSANG, Lorenzo C.

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Lorenzo Lansang was a young man in a hurry.

The youngest child of two prominent professors of the University of the Philippines, Lorenzo, called Nik, was considered a genius by the family. He started reading at age three and is said to have read through all the volumes of the Collier’s Encyclopedia by the time he was in sixth grade. He could memorize anything he wanted to. He would discuss authoritatively all the main battles of the First and Second World Wars. He was a poet and an essayist, like his late father and another brother. He started writing poetry in the third grade. By sixth grade, he had read and became totally engrossed with the book, Philippine Society and Revolution, authored by Amado Guerrero, and other books about sociopolitical theories. On graduation from grade school, he had the best academic record in the history of the UP Elementary School and he was awarded “with highest honors,” the only time ever that the school had given this award.

When he entered the Philippine Science High School in 1969, his political involvement deepened, especially after he joined the Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (SDK). When Marcos suspended the writ of habeas corpus in 1971, Nik went even more deeply into organizing of fellow high school students toward a broad anti-fascist front. He left school by his second year, becoming a fulltime youth and community organizer, living in a very poor section of Tondo in Manila, having been “adopted” into the home of one of the poor families.

When he was 16, Nik decided to join the Left underground movement and live in the villages in Quezon province, lying along the Pacific coast. For close to three years, Nik worked among the people of Mauban town, organizing, politicizing and helping peasant farmers with their chores.

Nik and three of his comrades, including one pregnant woman, was killed in 1976 during a military raid conducted by constabulary forces of the martial law regime in Barangay Casiay in Mauban. Nik was 19 years old.

October 11, 1957
February 18, 1976
Place of Death: 
Mauban, Quezon