GARCIA, Enrique Voltaire R., Jr.

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Enrique Voltaire Garcia was a bright and promising young lawyer and activist in the 1960s until the early 1970s. He died of leukemia.

Voltaire had a gentle face but an incisive intellect and a will of steel that helped him achieve so much in his short life.

He was active in student politics in both high school and college, becoming councilor then chair of the student council at the University of the Philippines. He wrote for student papers, eventually becoming editor in chief of the UP Philippine Collegian, and edited law journals. He was a champion debater. He became a leading member of his fraternity, the Alpha Phi Beta. He received awards as a lawyer, and in 1971, was elected delegate for Rizal in the Constitutional Convention.

His convictions found expression in these things he did. In the 1960s, he joined rallies against the various ills of the Marcos administration, and raised his voice against the US military bases and parity rights.

Voltaire was arrested in his residence when martial law was declared in 1972, taken to Camp Crame, then released and placed under house arrest shortly after. Voltaire had been battling his leukemia for some years. He remained a staunch nationalist and an advocate of civil liberties.

He died under house arrest on March 2, 1973 before he reached the age of 31.

September 10, 1942
March 02, 1973
Place of Death: 
Quezon City